We are professional growth experts. The most important issue for companies in today’s challenging environment is intelligent expansion. With CEOs vying for that special edge to help them achieve and sustain growth, growth[period] is your partner in realizing that success.


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  • Identifying opportunities and finding partners in the Federal marketplace. Driving the success of your business through the intelligent expansion of your capabilities and customers.

    Federal, Defense, & Aerospace

  •  Fostering creative partnerships across markets and targeting new opportunities for growth that take advantage of your strengths. 

    Sports, Entertainment, & Hospitality

  • Creating growth opportunities in a digital age through intelligent strategies tailored to your organization and solutions.

    Digital, Cyber, Telecom, & Cloud

  • Bringing together innovative ideas and solutions so that industry can be strategically positioned to capitalize on growing wellness lifestyle trends.

    Global Health & Wellness

  • Building new markets. Designing strategy. Laying the foundation for solid growth.

    Construction, Architecture, & Engineering

Why growth[period]


Our business is helping your business succeed. The basis of value of a thriving company is not just growth, but smart growth. Smart growth is strategic and sustainable, it’s profitable and higher margin, and it’s valued by the external market.